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Historical crime fiction. Medieval murder mysteries.
    Restoration intrigue and treachery.


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Susanna GregoryAnd if there is any special news to tell you, this will be the place to find it. Such as that Beau and I have recently had a whole range of new titles appear. As you know if you are familiar with this site, Beau and I write together as Simon Beaufort, and our novel The Murder House was published by Severn House last October. It is a modern police thriller that takes place in Bristol, where I grew up. It was quite a challenge, because it is our first book that takes place in current times, but it was both fun and challenging to write about a time period that we have actually experienced ourselves. In November, Beau’s book Pinkerton’s Great Detective, the authoritative biography of the famed nineteenth-century investigator James McParland, finally came out. If you want to read the notes or check the references, bibliography, appendices, or maps, this is the place to do it, as they are all available here to download from the section about that book. If you are serious about reading up on McParland, I can’t recommend enough reading the notes, which will give you all sorts of additional information and a very scholarly perspective on the book. As for me, the ninth Thomas Chaloner tale – Murder on High Holborn – has recently appeared, and I’m excited, as always, to share another of his adventures with you. Oh, and it won’t be long before Mertz and I – the diary of Antarctic explorer Belgrave Ninnis, which Beau edited with Allan Mornement – is published. And the next Matthew Bartholomew mystery is not too far away! So with all of these options, we hope you find one, or more, that you’ll enjoy.

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