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The Royal Geographical Society Exploration Experience

The Royal Geographical Society Exploration Experience Filled with names that have made, and changed, the course of history, Exploration Experience takes one on a voyage of discovery. From the time of Erik the Red through the journeys of Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, the Spanish conquistadores, as well as French and Portuguese pioneers, to the heroic attempts of such renowned explorers as David Livingstone, Roald Amundsen, and Robert Falcon Scott, this beautifully illustrated book travels around the world with explorers who have dedicated, and in some cases sacrificed, their lives to expand our knowledge of the globe. Included are a CD with 35 colour maps from the Royal Geographical Society and, in the text covering every section of the world, more than 200 illustrations and over 30 rare and newly researched removable facsimile documents of historic importance, such as:

  • Ernest Shackleton’s hand-drawn map of his planned trip across Antarctica
  • David Livingstone’s watercolour of the Victoria Falls
  • John Hanning Speke’s sketchbook of African animals
  • An extract from the Treaty of Tordesillas
  • Alexander von Humboldt’s map of part of the Orinoco River.

Co-editions of this book available on Amazon include:
National Geographic Society Exploration Experience [US]
Die Entdeckung der Welt [German]
Les grandes Expéditions [French]
Wielkie odkrycia geograficzne [Polish]
Los Exploradores y Sus Descubrimientos [Spanish]
A Felfedezés Élménye [Hungarian]