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Titanic Remembered: 1912–2012

Titanic Remembered: 1912–2012On 10 April 1912, Titanic began her first and final voyage. For more than 1500 people this would be the last time they would ever see land. Published to coincide with this centenary, Titanic Remembered tells the complete history of this magnificent ship, from its conception as the most luxurious vessel in seafaring history, to the tragedy of its sinking and its enduring legacy. Included throughout are extracts from first-hand accounts of those who designed, built, and sailed on Titanic, as well as those who lost their lives when she sank. This luxury commemorative edition comes in a presentation case with a DVD featuring footage of this unsinkable ship and authentic accounts from Titanic survivors as well as 40 beautifully reproduced facsimiles of Titanic memorabilia, including:

  • Fold-out original blueprints
  • A rare first-class ticket for the maiden voyage of Titanic
  • Letters and postcards sent from the ship
  • The landing card issued to survivor Edwina Trout on her arrival in New York aboard Carpathia
  • A sketch of the sinking drawn by one of the survivors
  • A handwritten letter by Stanley Lord, captain of Californian, defending himself against criticisms from the British inquiry into the disaster
  • The official registration of Titanic as a shipwreck