Susanna Gregory

Historical crime fiction. Medieval murder mysteries.
    Restoration intrigue and treachery.

The Sacred Stone

The Sacred StoneGreenland 1067.  

In the desolate wastes of Greenland, a group of hunters discover a strangely shaped meteor that has fallen from the sky. At first, the mysterious ‘sky-stone’ seems to bring them good luck, healing a lame boy and guaranteeing a good catch of furs. But violence and murder soon follow in fortune’s wake, as the villagers fight and struggle amongst themselves to get control of the precious object.

Over the next six hundred years, the Sky-Stone falls into the hands of crusading knights, the wicked Sheriff of Devon, a group of radical young kabalists, the dying King Henry III and a band of travelling players. Each time, the stone brings treachery, discord and violent death to those who seek to possess it. Edition
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The Sacred Stone is also available as an audio CD, read by Paul Matthews. It can be ordered from either or Whole Story Audiobooks. Story


Prologue: In which Susanna Gregory tells of the discovery of the stone by a band of hunters.

Act One: In which Simon Beaufort describes how the stone causes a rift between Church and State.

Act Two: In which Bernard Knight relates how the stone is invoked to heal a manor lord’s sick wife.

Act Three: In which Karen Maitland records how the stone is acquired by a Jewish merchant.

Act Four: In which Ian Morson tells how the stone finds its way to King Henry’s bedchamber.

Act Five: In which Philip Gooden reveals how the stone plays a part in the kidnap of Nick Revill.

Epilogue: In which Ian Morson describes the surprise resurfacing of the stone in the present day.