Susanna Gregory

Historical crime fiction. Medieval murder mysteries.
    Restoration intrigue and treachery.

House of Shadows

House of ShadowsBermondsey Priory 1114. 

A young chaplain succumbs to the temptations of the flesh – and suffers a gruesome fate.

From that moment, the monastery is cursed and over the next five hundred years, murder and treachery abound within its hallowed walls. A beautiful young bride found dead two days before her wedding. A ghostly figure that warns of impending doom. A daring plot to depose King Edward II. Mad monks and errant priests … even the poet Chaucer finds himself drawn into the dark deeds and violent death that pervade this unhappy place. Edition
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House of Shadows is also available as an audio CD, read by Paul Matthews. It can be ordered from either or Whole Story Audiobooks. Story


Prologue: In which Bernard Knight lays the foundation for the ghoulish tales that follow.

Act One: In which Bernard Knight tells how Crowner John arrives at the priory of Bermondsey to investigate murder most foul.

Act Two: In which Ian Morson’s William Falconer uncovers dark deeds during an eclipse of the Moon.

Act Three: In which Michael Jecks’ Keeper Sir Baldwin and Bailiff Puttock foil a treasonous plot.

Act Four: In which Philip Gooden relates how poet Chaucer becomes embroiled in the priory’s dark history.

Act Five: In which Susanna Gregory’s Thomas Chaloner, spy for the Lord Chancellor of England, avenges a violent death.

Epilogue: In which Bernard Knight exposes the final secret.