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Mystery in the Minster Fun Quiz

Have you read Mystery in the Minster?

See if you can answer the following ten questions. The answers are below.


1. Which of the party from Michaelhouse had previously been to York?
a. Matthew Bartholomew
b. Brother Michael
c. Ralph de Langelee

2. Who was Archbishop of York in 1358?
a. William Zouche
b. John of Thoresby
c. Richard le Scrope

3. When was York designated a Staple Town?
a. 1155
b. 1255
c. 1355

4. To whom was York’s Benedictine nunnery dedicated?
a. St Mary the Virgin
b. St Olave
c. St Clement

5. Where were visitors to the abbey lodged?
a. In the dormitory
b. In the hospitium
c. In the hospital

6. Who wrote The Conversion of the Harlot?
a. Peter Abelard
b. Hildegard of Bingen
c. Hrotsvit of Ganderheim

7. Where did Surgeon Fournays live?
a. Near the Carmelite Friary
b. Behind the Dominican Friary
c. Next to the Franciscan Friary

8. In which church did Marmaduke Constable work?
a. St Sampson’s
b. St Olave’s
c. St Leonard’s

9. Which foundation took in the ailing John Cotyngham?
a. Dominican
b. Benedictine
c. Franciscan

10. Whose body was found in the King’s Fishpool?
a. Roger Zouche
b. Marmaduke Constable
c. John Gisbyrn

How did you do? Scroll down for the answers.











1. c, 2. b, 3. c, 4. c, 5. b, 6. c, 7. a, 8. a, 9. c, 10. a