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Historical crime fiction. Medieval murder mysteries.
    Restoration intrigue and treachery.

The Lost Prophecies

The Lost PropheciesIreland, 574

A mysterious book of prophecies written by a sixth century Irish monk has puzzled scholars through the ages. Foretelling wars, plagues and rebellions, the Black Book of Bran is said to have predicted the Black Death and the Gunpowder Plot. But is it the result of divine inspiration or the ravings of a madman?

A hidden hoard of Saxon gold. A poisoned priest. A monk skinned alive in Westminster Abbey. Only one thing is certain: whoever comes into possession of the cursed book meets a gruesome and untimely end. Edition
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The Lost Prophecies is also available as an audio CD, read by Paul Matthews. It can be ordered from either or Whole Story Audiobooks. Story


Prologue: In which Bernard Knight lays the foundations for the murderous tales that follow.

Act One: In which Bernard Knight’s Crowner John confounds a band of treasure hunters.

Act Two: In which Ian Morson’s Nick Zuliani dices with death in a Russian blizzard.

Act Three: In which Michael Jecks’ Keeper Baldwin and Bailiff Puttock investigate murder most foul in an abbey crypt.

Act Four: In which Susanna Gregory’s Matthew Bartholomew and Brother Michael become embroiled in a bloodthirsty College feud.

Act Five: In which Philip Gooden’s player Nick Revill receives a letter from a mysterious uncle.

Epilogue: In which C.J. Sansom confronts the Day of Judgement.