Susanna Gregory

Historical crime fiction. Medieval murder mysteries.
    Restoration intrigue and treachery.

The Deadliest Sin

The Deadliest SinAD 1348, England.

Tales are told of poisonous clouds fast approaching, which overwhelm whole cities with scarcely a human being left. While some vow to enjoy their final days by drinking and gambling, others embark on a pilgrimage in hopes of assuaging God’s wrath. For if God was permitting his people to be punished by this plague, it surely was because they had committed terrible sins.

So when a group of pilgrims are forced to seek shelter at an inn, their host dares them to tell their stories of sin. Soon, it becomes a competition to see which pilgrim’s sin is the best – or the worst.

A weary soldier tells of the war of Calais, a city plagued by Lust. A bewitching Venetian woman counters with a tale of Greed, while Gluttony and treacherous wives fill timid old Falconer’s story. The empty soul of Sloth is detailed by Father Prior, the Innkeeper reveals a friendship poisoned by Anger, and the son of a coroner weaves a dark tale of murder by Envy. Finally, the mysterious and silent Randal introduces the father of all sins, Pride.

Which will win out as the ultimate sin? Or perhaps, such things are better left for God to decide … EditionWaterstonesAmazon.comUS Kindle Edition

The Prologue, in which the pilgrims arrive at the Angel Inn

The first sin: Michael Jecks tells a tale of Lust

The second sin: Ian Morson tells a tale of Greed

The third sin: Ian Morson tells a tale of Gluttony

The fourth sin: Susanna Gregory and Simon Beaufort tell a tale of Sloth

The fifth sin: Philip Gooden tells a tale of Anger

The sixth sin: Bernard Knight tells a tale of Envy

The seventh sin: Karen Maitland tells a tale of Pride

The Epilogue, in which the pilgrims depart from the Angel Inn