Susanna Gregory

Historical crime fiction. Medieval murder mysteries.
    Restoration intrigue and treachery.

Bonus Material

Here are some varied materials that I think are interesting and fun. If you want to learn about the background to my books, want to test your knowledge about the most recent of them, or want to find out about one of Brother Michael’s favourite pastries, this section is for you.  Follow the links for more information.


Why Michaelhouse?

Why was Michaelhouse chosen as the setting for the Bartholomew novels? Find out in this article.

More on Michaelhouse

Want to know more about Michaelhouse? Click to read a more academic article on its history.

Mystery in the Minster Fun Quiz

Have you read Mystery in the Minster? Why not see what you can remember with this ten-question quiz?

Carmarthen in the 1190s: a Snapshot in Time

A brief explanation as to why Carmarthen features in several of Susanna Gregory’s contributions to the Medieval Murderers’ books.


Would you like to make one of Brother Michael’s favourite treats? Here are a couple of recipes for Lombard slices.

Interview with Susanna Gregory

Susanna Gregory interviewed by Charlotte Betts, author of two highly acclaimed novels set in Restoration England.